H500 HVAC or Standalone Scent Diffuser up to 1,200 Sqf


H500 HVAC or Standalone Scent Diffuser up to 1,200 Sqf



Looking to infuse your space with captivating scents? Look no further than the H500 Bluetooth Scent Diffuser by HVAC Aromatics. Designed for both home and office environments, it’s the ultimate choice for all your aromatherapy needs.

Utilizing advanced cold diffusion technology, the H500 transforms essential oils into a lightweight, dry nano-mist, ensuring prolonged suspension in the air for maximum coverage without compromising the scent’s integrity or therapeutic benefits. Plus, rest assured that it’s residue-free and safe for pets, children, and furniture.

Key Features:

No Residue: Unlike traditional diffusers, the H500 leaves no residue on your furniture, walls, or floors. Thanks to its nebulizer technology, all particles are broken down into micro molecules before being dispersed into the air.

Bluetooth Controlled: Take control of your scent experience from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Schedule automatic shut-offs and set timers for added convenience, even when you’re away.

Easy Installation: With no assembly required, simply unbox, place on a flat surface, and plug into any standard outlet. Then, turn it on and enjoy hassle-free operation.

Cold Air Diffusion Technology: Experience consistent diffusion of essential oils with no dripping or leaking. The H500’s cold air diffusion technology ensures the transformation of essential oils into fine, dry nanoparticles, providing consistent coverage while maintaining scent purity.

Diffuse Coverage for up to 1,200 SQFT: Covering an area of up to 1,500 square feet, the H500 is perfect for small rooms or office spaces, delivering captivating scents throughout.

Safe for Pets, Children, and Furniture: Our smart diffuser utilizes a nebulizing system that doesn’t require heat, making it safe for use around pets and children.

Elevate your scenting experience with the H500 Bluetooth Scent Diffuser – the perfect blend of technology, convenience, and safety for your home or office.


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