H3000 HVAC Scent Diffuser up to 16,000 Sqf


H3000 HVAC Scent Diffuser up to 16,000 Sqf



Introducing the H3000 Scent Diffuser: Redefining Large-Scale Scenting

Key Features:

  • Covering expansive areas of up to 16,000 square feet, the H3000 provides unmatched diffusion power for large-scale environments.
  • Effortlessly controlled via Bluetooth, offering convenient access to scent management from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Utilizes advanced cold air diffusion technology to transform essential oils into ultra-fine, dry nanoparticles, ensuring consistent coverage while preserving the purity of the scent.
  • Leaves no residue behind, making it safe for pets, children, and furniture, providing peace of mind for all users.
  • Enjoy flexible scheduling options with adjustable time settings over 24 hours and 7 days, accommodating your unique needs and preferences.
  • Featuring a generous 800ml bottle capacity, the H3000 ensures extended scent enjoyment for large spaces.
  • Versatile installation options including HVAC integration, stand-alone setup, or wall-mounted placement, adapting seamlessly to your environment.
  • Designed for both large commercial and residential applications, the H3000 is ideal for a wide range of settings including large houses, medical offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, hospitals, theaters, and more.
  • Crafted with a luxurious and modern metal design, the H3000 adds a touch of sophistication to any space, complementing its surroundings with elegance and style.

Professional-Grade Scenting for Large Spaces:

The H3000 redefines large-scale scenting with its unparalleled performance and advanced technology. Perfect for commercial and residential settings alike, the H3000 by HVAC Aromatics delivers exceptional fragrance coverage without compromising on safety or quality. Utilizing advanced cold diffusion technology, the H3000 ensures that essential oils are dispersed into a lightweight, dry nano-mist, remaining suspended in the air for extended periods while maintaining their scent integrity and therapeutic benefits. Say goodbye to residue and concerns about safety – the H3000 is engineered to provide a premium scent experience for all users, in spaces of any size.

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