H300 HVAC Scent Diffuser up to 2,000 Sqf


H300 HVAC Scent Diffuser up to 2,000 Sqf



Introducing the H300 Scent Diffuser: Elevate Your  Space Up to 2000 Sqf

Customized Coverage for Compact Areas: Efficiently covering up to 2,000 square feet, the H300 is ideal for apartments, small offices, and intimate residential spaces, ensuring every corner is filled with captivating fragrance.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Experience seamless control through Bluetooth, providing a convenient and user-friendly interface for effortless scent management.

Advanced Cold Air Diffusion Technology: Our cutting-edge technology transforms essential oils into ultra-fine, dry nanoparticles, ensuring consistent scent distribution while preserving the oil’s pure fragrance and therapeutic properties.

Residue-Free and Safe: With no residue left behind, the H300 is safe around pets, children, and furniture, offering peace of mind for your home or office environment.

Adjustable Time Settings: Tailor your scenting experience with flexible 24-hour and 7-day scheduling options, allowing you to customize diffusion to suit your daily routine.

Compact Bottle Capacity: Designed with its smaller coverage area in mind, the H300 comes with a 250ml bottle, providing the perfect amount of fragrance for your space.

Flexible Installation: Whether used as a stand-alone unit or wall-mounted, the H300 seamlessly integrates into your space, offering versatile installation options to suit your preferences.

Modern and Elegant Design: Featuring a luxurious metal design, the H300 adds a touch of modern elegance to smaller spaces, elevating the ambiance with its sleek aesthetic.

Ideal for Smaller Commercial and Residential Settings: Specifically crafted for enhancing the ambiance in smaller commercial areas or residential environments, the H300 offers premium scenting capabilities in a compact and efficient design.

Cutting-Edge Atomization Technology: Utilizing high-tech atomization similar to our flagship models, the H300 ensures an enduring, lightweight, and non-residual scent mist, guaranteeing a premium scent experience every time.

The H300 by HVAC Aromatics marries luxury and innovation in a compact and efficient design, perfect for those who appreciate high-end features in a smaller footprint. Elevate your small space with the unparalleled fragrance experience of the H300 Scent Diffuser.



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